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Season begins August 5th

Razor Pride

James Lee Razorbacks

James Lee Razorbacks is a youth football organization in Falls Church, VA

Tackle Football Registration is now open

We are looking forward to another awesome season of the great sport of football. Only thing missing is you! 

DMV I.D. mandatory requirement

Every participate must weigh in and in order to do that they must have a VA, issued I.D.

Some exceptions are expected must inquire if you have a special issue. Please don't wait until last minute to obtain  I.D. (FYI) it will take 3-7 days to receive it via mail after you go to DMV. 

Weigh in info

Every participate must weigh in to be placed on team roster. Please click link below to see outline of the process. 

Weight Matrix outline

This is how each player is placed into their respected weight class.

Updates & News

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